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A DNS-based adblocker


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DNS66 is an app that basically lets you enable an ad blocker on your Android smartphone or tablet. Don't let its appearance fool you though, the app is actually a lot simpler than it may seem at first glance. The app establishes a VPN service with different routes for all the DNS servers. Once you do this, the VPN service intercepts all the packages included on the black list.

In the setup options, you can choose the servers you want to block or allow, as well as the apps that you want to enable the DNS66 features for. You can also add custom DNS servers or refresh the servers daily.

DNS66 is a really interesting ad blocker that, while it may appear difficult to use, it's really not. In reality, all it takes is a few taps of the screen to enable the ad blocker and start browsing comfortably without seeing any ads at all.